April 04, 2013

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New books, author interviews, find your next great read! New books, author interviews, find your next great read!

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Kate Atkinson

The acclaimed novelist pauses her Jackson Brodie series to pen the historical opus Life After Life, about a woman who relives the havoc of World War II again and again.


Mary Roach

Gross-out subjects become fascinating in the hands of this popular science writer, whose latest nonfiction romp goes down the hatch in Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal.



Gillian Flynn

How well do you know your spouse? Join the suspense queen on April 10 for a live chat about toxic marriages, her best-seller Gone Girl, and the murky craft of mystery writing.


Terry Brooks

On April 29, visit the magical Shannara universe in a live chat with the prolific author of The Bloodfire Quest, the latest in his long-running epic fantasy series.



Lauren Willig's Favorite Historical Romances

Pert heroines and adorable rakes indulge in naughty liaisons in these recs from the author of the new saga The Ashford Affair.


Ron Kaplan's Favorite Books About Baseball

Hey, batter batter! Load your bases with five recs from the superfan behind 501 Baseball Books Fans Must Read Before They Die.



Brian McClellan

The magic of powder mages meets 18th-century technology in the first novel of an epic fantasy trilogy, Promise of Blood, which begins with a savage military coup.



The Golem and the Jinni

by Helene Wecker (Goodreads Author)

New York City in 1899 is witnessed by a magical pair of immigrants: a Polish golem made of clay and a Syrian jinni fused in fire. Their friendship transcends their cultures as they learn to live in human form in this historical fantasy.


The Spark

Frustrated by the lack of options for her young son with autism, Barnett takes an unorthodox approach to nurturing Jacob's abilities in this memoir. Now 13, Jacob is applying his genius IQ as a quantum physics researcher.


The Interestings

This literary examination of friendship follows a group of six teenagers into middle age—from their arts camp origins to New York City, where their varying levels of ambition, success, and wealth pull them in different directions.


Frozen in Time

by Mitchell Zuckoff (Goodreads Author)

In 1942, an American cargo plane crashed onto Greenland's ice cap, and soon two rescue missions also fell victim to the vicious arctic conditions. Historian Zuckoff chronicles the survivors' life-and-death fight in this nonfiction adventure.


The Perfect Ghost

by Linda Barnes (Goodreads Author)

When her lover dies in a car accident, a shy ghostwriter overcomes her agoraphobia to finish their biography of a Hollywood celeb. She visits his posh estate, where she uncovers secrets about both men in this dual mystery.


The Collector

by Victoria Scott (Goodreads Author)

In this dark fantasy for teens, antihero Dante Walker drips with sex appeal, but he's also a demon who can corrupt your soul—literally. He loves his job as a soul collector until he's assigned to nerdy, pure-souled Charlie Cooper.



The Harry Potter Alliance: Accio Books!

Whether wizard or muggle, you too can fight the Dark Arts. Join the Harry Potter Alliance's book drive, Accio Books! Find out how to donate books locally or by mail.



Want your words to reach millions of people? Goodreads and the ¡POETRY! group have partnered to host an ongoing poetry contest. Join the ¡POETRY! group and vote each month to pick a winner from among the finalists. You can also submit a poem for consideration. Here is our April winner!

A Woman Scorned

by Joan Colby (Goodreads Author)
A woman scorned sets fire to the tent
Where the new wife is celebrating.
Carves her name and yours into a tree
Then chops that tree down with her nail file.
Cages a bird and teaches it to speak
In a language where every verb is an obscenity.
Combs her hair with broken glass until
It glitters like a million diamonds
That you stroke until your hands bleed rubies.
Watches how you sit quietly near the water
While she poisons the tea she is about to serve.
Drives a team of black horses down the avenue
Of your lovers whipping them white as judges.
Climbs through the window that you forgot to secure
Wearing a burglar suit sewn of her eyelashes.
Picks a bouquet of jimson weed, hydrangea,
Lily of the valley, poison ivy, rhododendron
To prove the base and beautiful can both be lethal.
Paints graffiti on the wall of your Facebook
And for good measure stamps a letter with your heartsblood.
Enters your dream unbidden
Wearing the scarlet dress you once admired.
Paces up and down, up and down
Before your place of business.
Removes all the signposts pointing to
The street you used to live on when you were happy.

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Stephen King's
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  1. Los Angeles & Boulder
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